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Arduino Projects that Talk to the World.

Explore Arduino's most popular shield.

Connecting Arduino leads readers through a series of projects that use the Arduino Ethernet Shield at its full potential to create devices that communicate over the internet.

This book provides in-depth information about the fundamentals of networking and the first steps towards building the 'internet of things'.

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Concepts You'll Learn

Working with the Ethernet Shield requires a new set of skills. Key networking concepts that apply to all connected projects are made easy to understand.

Client Side

Reach out to the web - Connect to websites to request, parse, analyze, and store their content, or interact with website APIs.

Server Side

Let others reach out to you - Host webpages that can be reached from anywhere online to share measurements collected from your Arduino.


Understand the fundamentals of how machines and devices connect to each other to exchange data and information.

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Whether you're an experienced developer looking for specific details about the Ethernet Shield or a beginner who has never used it before, you'll find all of the key information that you'll need in this book.

With the Ethernet Shield, you can take your Arduino projects to the next level. This book shows you how.

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